Project Restitution

Justice Assistance's offender service mission is to facilitate the offender's successful completion of their court-ordered sanction, allowing for the subsequent destruction of the official complaint with the Rhode Island District Court.

Our objective first and foremost is to make immediate contact with a referred offender to increase the probability of an expeditious and positive completion of the court order. Immediate contact positions Justice Assistance to better facilitate the offender's satisfactory compliance because the arrest experience, the court experience and the significance of the matter remain fresh and familiar. Justice Assistance receives the case in a seamless fashion to see it to its conclusion. Justice Assistance's program objectives regarding the offender include the expectation of accountability and responsibility for what has brought them to this particular juncture in their life. Our goal is to assist the offender in completing their court order in a time and fashion that is agreeable with the court filing timeline and its restrictions. As to the intermediary agent for the court, Justice Assistance instructs and compels the offender to comply with the court order, and, subsequently, Justice Assistance will inform the respective victim of offender's case status.

OFFENDER NOTIFICATION occurs immediately upon receipt of the court referral. As per the Agreement to Provide Services between Justice Assistance and the Rhode Island Supreme Court, Justice Assistance is responsible for the monitoring and follow-through with individuals who receive a one-year filing with a sanction(s) from the Rhode Island District Court. Said sanction(s) may include, but may not be limited to, state-certified domestic violence counseling, mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling and the completion of community service. Justice Assistance will verify, collect and distribute court-ordered restitution.

OFFENDER RESTITUTION and repayment is established as soon as Statement of Loss has been received and verified from the respective victim. Justice Assistance will assist the offender with establishing a manageable and consistent payment plan.  Offender payments go directly to the Rhode Island Central Registry.  We actively work with the offender and monitor the offender's payments, reminding him or her of the agreed upon track. Justice Assistance's contact with the offender is frequent, consistent, and always mindful of time frames and limitations.

OFFENDER COMMUNITY SERVICE coordination and placement considerations include the amount of ordered community service hours and a client's ability to travel to a site. The parameters of an acceptable community service site is outlined to each client. Stressed as an important factor is the client's accessibility to the site to insure appropriate and expedient compliance in completion of the court-ordered community service hours. All site must be approved and verified prior to community service hours being performed.  Upon completion, Justice Assistance will receive written notification from approved site and supervisor.

Neil J. Houston, Jr.
Memorial Awards

2021 Recipients:

  • Kobi J. Dennis
    Diversity and Inclusion Manager
    YMCA of Greater Providence
  • David Neill
    Outreach Coordinator
    US Attorney's Office
    District of Rhode Island
  • The Honorable Netti C. Vogel
    Associate Justice
    Rhode Island Superior Court
  • Michael J. Yelnosky
    Professor of Law
    Roger Williams University
    School of Law






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