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In 1983, Jonathan J. Houston, the organization's Chief Executive Officer, authored Rhode Island General Law 12-28 entitled the Victims' Bill of Rights.  In 1985, with private sector support Project Victim Services was designed and implemented.  Justice Assistance provides valuable services and support to all victims of crime, whose respective offender has been adjudicated in any one of the Rhode Island District Courts statewide and said offender has received a one-year filing with a specified sanction(s).  

Justice Assistance's victim service mission is to assure that crime victims in Rhode Island are treated with respect and dignity.  Each day, we work diligently toward fulfilling this objective.  Our service provision is a measurable value-added component within the justice system.  With each case that is court-referred to Justice Assistance, we strive for victim satisfaction.  We are proud of the victim participation and input that we receive in response to our engagement.  Individuals and businesses are empowered by consistent case updates and status notifications of a respective offender's court-ordered sanction.  And, in the instance of court-ordered restitution, victims are made monetarily whole.  Thus, improving the lives of many individuals and businesses in Rhode Island. 

VICTIM NOTIFICATION is the first step within Justice Assistance's victim service delivery construct.  Each crime victim receives the initial notification from Justice Assistance.  This notification informs the victim as to their respective offender's court outcome, and it will detail the court-ordered sanction(s).  Court ordered sanctions may include, but are not limited to the following:  state certified domestic violence counseling, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling and/or monetary restitution to the victim for a loss as it relates to the corresponding court case. 

VICTIM (INDIVIDUAL) STATEMENT OF LOSS completion may present as an overwhelming task, especially in the recent aftermath of the incident that brought the victim into the justice system.  The victim Statement of Loss (SOL) is an integral part of this time-sensitive process and is essential to establish restitution.  Justice Assistance provides assistance with questions and/or concerns as they relate to the SOL and the correlating incident.  Questions may involve a victim's insurance company and general question and/or confusion regarding estimates and/or receipts for any loss or damage incurred.  Justice Assistance has decades of valuable experience to draw upon when we assist the individual who receives services through our office.  We are proud to be able to boast of our tremendous success rate of offender restitution repayment, insuring a subsequent return of court-ordered restitution to the victim. 

VICTIM (BUSINESS) STATEMENT OF LOSS completion may present a challenge to the business agent responsible for its completion.  Justice Assistance has a bounty of experience in assisting business owners and managers.  The business Statement of Loss (VSOL) involves questions and concerns that address the business and its respective loss and/or damage(s).  We are pleased to contribute toward the betterment of our community through the collection and subsequent return of restitution to our Rhode Island community and its businesses. 

VICTIM REIMBURSEMENT, to individual victims as well as business victims, represent the payments that a respective offender has made toward their determined restitution total. 

VICTIM REFERRAL ASSISTANCE to independent providers takes place on a case by case basis.  When a victim reveals to Justice Assistance that they require services in an area that we do not have an expertise, we promptly make a referral or provide a recommendation of an appropriate provider.  In the instance that an individual victim wishes to seek treatment for an ongoing health status resulting from the respective offender's actions and subsequent court order, Justice Assistance will work with the victim to locate and determine an appropriate provider.  Justice Assistance's objective is to minimize the victim's hardship to the extent that it is possible.    


Neil J. Houston, Jr.
Memorial Awards

2021 Recipients:

  • Kobi J. Dennis
    Diversity and Inclusion Manager
    YMCA of Greater Providence
  • David Neill
    Outreach Coordinator
    US Attorney's Office
    District of Rhode Island
  • The Honorable Netti C. Vogel
    Associate Justice
    Rhode Island Superior Court
  • Michael J. Yelnosky
    Professor of Law
    Roger Williams University
    School of Law






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