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The vanguard of criminal justice improvements in Rhode Island.


Scales of Justice

Our Mission Statement

Justice Assistance's mission is to strengthen the community by providing a unique mix of innovative and critical services to assist our state's justice system in a way that builds the capacity of people we care for to live safe, productive lives. 

Our three primary goals are:

  • To help the victim navigate all phases of the justice system, facilitating a satisfactory outcome;
  • To help the defendant successfully exit the justice system by facilitating an expedient and satisfactory completion of the court order; and
  • To provide research and development for community-related program improvements.


About Us

Neil J. Houston, Jr. Memorial Award

In 1981, Justice Assistance initiated an annual award to honor individuals who have demonstrated dedicated service, and citizen contributions toward justice profession and the public interest. 

Edward V. Healey, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award

Eligibility requires that a recipient must have previously received the Neil J. Houston, Jr. Memorial Award. Recipients are selected by the organization’s Chief Executive Officer.

R. Kevin Horan Emerging Leader Award

Named for one of Justice Assistance’s founding members and former director on the organization’s Board of Directors.  R. Kevin Horan has been a long-time supporter and a cherished friend of the organization. 

Neil J. Houston, Jr. Memorial Awards Presentation

We're proud to have our 40th Annual Awards Presentation to be sponsored by the following.

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